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Having a double chin isn’t always avoidable: Even with the ideal diet and plenty of exercise, your double chin can stick around because of your age or genetics. At Centra Internal Medicine in Sun City, Prescott and Phoenix, Arizona, Manish Sahni, MD, offers several treatment options to reduce the fat on your neck and under your chin. To explore your options and lose your double chin, call Centra Internal Medicine or book your appointment online today.

Double Chin Q & A



How did I get a double chin?


Contrary to popular belief, double chins aren’t always caused by weight gain. In fact, your double chin may have one or more causes that may surprise you. Common causes of double chins are:

  • Genetic factors (e.g. looser skin)
  • Age
  • A poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Long-term poor posture

It’s easy for fat and skin to accumulate below your chin, causing a double chin, because gravity pulls it there. Once you understand the causes of your double chin, you can explore appropriate treatment options.

What can I do to reduce my double chin?

Before resorting to cosmetic treatments to reduce your double chin, there are a few steps you can take at home to slim down your jaw. They are:

Chewing gum

Chewing gum not only exercises the muscles in your face and jaw to cut down on your double chin, but it also helps suppress your appetite so you’re not tempted to reach for sugary desserts.

Facial exercises


Facial exercises like kissing the sky or squeezing a ball under your chin can help you strengthen your muscles to give you a chiseled jaw.

Face masks

Some face masks aim to tighten your skin. After a few uses, you may notice that your double chin isn’t as prominent anymore.

Eating a healthy diet

Eating a lean, low-calorie diet helps you lose weight and reduce your double chin. One common cause of double chins is a high-calorie or fatty diet, so watching what you eat helps you slim down your jaw.

Doing more cardio at the gym

Exercises like running, jogging, or jumping get your heart pumping and help you lose weight in general. As you lose weight, you’ll notice a reduction in the fat on your neck and below your chin.

What are my treatment options for my double chin?

At Centra Internal Medicine, Dr. Sahni offers SculpSure treatments to reduce chin and neck fat. If you’ve tried dieting, exercises, and facial treatments to no avail, SculpSure kills your fat cells without invasive surgeries or injections.

After a couple of treatments, your body absorbs the dead fat cells, and you enjoy a permanently sculpted jaw.

Having a double chin affects the appearance of your face — and a slimmer jaw is often preferable. If you’ve tried everything to reduce the fat on your neck and chin, call Centra Internal Medicine or book an appointment online to explore treatments.

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