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Immunizations for adults are important because vaccine-preventable illnesses have not gone away, they simply have been reduced because of the effectiveness of properly administered immunizations. Vaccines help keep you healthy, prevent illness and disease, and protect others from illness and disease (including children, elderly, and immunocompromised individuals). Not only are immunizations safe and effective but they will improve and protect your overall health.

Annual immunizations such as the flu vaccine are an important part of everyone’s health. Further, when traveling to other countries immunizations may be required to protect you from diseases or illnesses that are prevalent in other countries. It is important to see your medical provider approximately 4-6 weeks prior to traveling to ensure you can receive all immunizations necessary, give them time to reach maximized effectiveness, and be cleared for travel by U.S. and foreign governments.

Adults need to keep their immunizations up to date because childhood immunizations wear off over time which puts adults at risk of developing different diseases in adulthood. All adults need the influenza (flu) vaccine, and the Td or Tdap vaccine as well as potentially needing other vaccines depending on your age, job, lifestyle or other travel habits.

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