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Mole/Cyst Removal



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Moles, cysts, warts or skin tags are common skin lesions that are typically non-cancerous. And, while they are technically not a direct and immediate threat to health, they may be painful, unsightly or uncomfortable. Additionally, if you have a personal or family history of skin cancer you may wish to have moles removed because over time, they could become cancerous. If you need a mole, cyst or other skin lesion removed, you can do so right in the comfort of our primary care offices. No anesthesia or sedation will be necessary, but some local anesthetic may be used in certain cases.

Using standard minor surgical procedures, our highly trained and experienced medical professionals and physicians can assist you in your mole, cyst or skin lesion removal needs. If a cyst is internal rather than removing it, fluid and cells will be drained using a sterile needle. Our team is skilled at minimizing any potential scarring from skin lesion removal to optimize the cosmetic appearance after the procedure. Your mole, cyst or other skin lesion removal appointment can be handled in our primary care offices for your convenience and comfort.

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