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Minor Surgical Procedures/Sutures



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Some minor surgical procedures or sutures that do not require anesthesia or sedation can be handled right in our primary care offices without the need for a surgical center or hospital. These minor surgical procedures include abscess incision and drainage, ear irrigation, ingrown toenail repair, joint injections, laceration repair, minor burn care, removal of skin tags, lipomas, moles and cysts, removal of pre-cancerous or cancerous skin lesions, skin biopsies, wart removal, foreign body removal, and wound repair. These procedures may require local anesthesia for pain management but are easily and safely performed in-office for your convenience.

Our experienced and knowledgeable physicians and staff have the diagnostic and clinical expertise required to conduct minor surgical procedures and sutures. Additionally, our offices are equipped to safely conduct minor surgical procedures and sutures for your non-emergency medical needs.

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